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Welcome to My Solar Power, a site dedicated to showing you how solar power systems can be both accessible and affordable and can work for you to keep those ever spiralling energy costs in check.

If fuel bills are an ever increasing worry to you, or perhaps your personal carbon footprint concerns you, then MySolarPower is here to help.

You could be one of the growing numbers of people who recognise that harnessing solar energy / solar power systems can be a fundamental part of reducing energy costs and also hand control back to you.

Thanks to the increase of interest from manufacturers and governments alike, solar power / solar energy systems are now available to all of us, and with the introduction of available grants, are affordable to more than those who can "afford to care".

Have you seen a single newspaper article or TV or radio report that predicted cheap fuel in the years ahead?

Sadly not we suspect. Our planet’s resources are shrinking as we make more and more demands on them.

One energy source that is still in plentiful supply is the warmth from sunlight - in other words solar energy.

Solar power is for the foreseeable future, fully sustainable – it’s free to use – the only costs being the methods of harnessing it and converting it to a useable energy source. This is why people are taking the concept seriously – we can use it to heat water for daily needs, heat homes, even generate electricity.

The Government fully endorses the principal and on April 1st 2010 a new Feed-in Tariff came into operation - it not only rewards people who produce and sell electricity back to the generation companies, it also pays for electricity used in their own homes.

How is that for an incentive?

Albeit that solar energy has always been a worthwhile consideration, it is now also a sound financial investment. The clean energy cash back scheme makes it especially easy

Under this scheme energy suppliers make regular payments to householders and communities who generate their own electricity from renewable or low carbon sources such as solar electricity panels.

You will find more details of Feed-in Tariffs on this website, and methods by which you too can gain from harnessing solar power / solar energy.

Get to know the equipment we'll be looking at by first browsing these articles on what Evacuated Tubes are, how to position Solar Panels to maximise energy collection, Solar thermal water heating basics and what solar panels really are.

Additional Information

UK Solar Panels

Welcome to our website, one of the leading sources for information on how you can gain the benefits of solar power. Reduce your energy bills, gain a bit more control over your overall expenses, and help the planet out at the same time. Due to the increased prices of oil, coal and petroleum, people around the UK are looking for an alternative source that will help to save them money. Fortunately, there is an easy answer to this, as home solar panels are free to use and only require a one-off installation price. After that, they will harness the energy of the Sun, which is effectively limitless and can provide you with plenty of electricity throughout your lifetime. These panels can also be used for heating and are great during those winter months when the temperatures drop. As well as this, the government also rewards those people who produce their own electricity and then sell it back to the companies that generate it. So, not only will you receive free power when you install PV solar panels, but you will also recuperate some of your costs through this useful government initiative. And we are forgetting the best reason to install these handy panels on your home: they are very environmentally friendly! With zero emissions, you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint and minimise the effects that you have on our planet. Forget about damaging coal or nuclear power. Solar is the path to a cleaner, more cost-effective future.

Affordable, Accessible Energy

To help you gain all of the benefits from this green form of power, we have compiled all of the information that you need right here. Learn about what evacuated tubes are, discover how to position your panels so that they are more effective, look into the basics of solar thermal heating, and delve into just what makes up these handy devices and how they really work. As well as this, you can find out about the different types of systems currently available here on our website. Starting from going over the basics of the installation procedure, we will then teach you about the different types of solar panels heating systems when it comes to commercial property, gardens, conservatories and even greenhouses. Of course, all of this is to convince you that this is the best way to save the planet and to save your money at the same time. If you are interested in setting up one of these environmentally friendly systems within your home but require more information, you can request a brochure that can be sent directly to you. Alternatively, if solar panels photovoltaic sound like something that you would love to have, request a quote for both the installers and the product through our handy online form. For your premier source on solar power, this is the only site that you need to look at. We offer a comprehensive collection of information on the subject, and assist you in actually purchasing and installing these useful devices.

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